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Founder and Director Marios Alexandrou, engaged us to refresh the Vioto Architects brand image, and develop new messaging to align with the growth direction of their business. Vioto provide exceptional design and delivery of architectural fit-outs, refurbishments and greenfield projects, with extensive experience across the health, commercial, retail and residential sectors.

Their values, attention-to-detail, and level of quality were not reflected in the original Vioto identity which was, therefore, holding them back.

To reflect the dual approach to their work and their ‘inside-out’ philosophy, we developed an identity system built from a number of two-part elements. Firstly, the logo’s V is represented as a double sided ribbon. On a functional note, the custom die-cut presentation folder is capable of holding either one or both business cards without leaving any empty slots. Much of the stationery is duplexed; laminated white and black stock, and the tagline device, anchored by an ampersand, allows for a set of word pairings, used depending on circumstance.

We also created a long form document with an alternating long and short pages to allow for overlays of design sketches on finished architectural photography.