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Vioto, led by Founder and Director Marios Alexandrou, specialises in architectural fit-outs, refurbishments, and greenfield projects. Since its inception in 2013, Vioto has been dedicated to creating spaces that are both functional and beautiful. Despite their extensive portfolio across various sectors, their original brand identity failed to mirror the quality and precision they brought to every project.


Vioto's primary challenge was an outdated brand identity that didn't reflect their commitment to detail, quality, and client relationships. This disconnect hindered their growth and market positioning, necessitating a comprehensive rebrand to align with their vision and values.


We crafted a sophisticated identity system that encapsulated Vioto's 'inside-out' philosophy and dual approach to architecture. The ‘V’ within the logo depicts a double-sided ribbon which visually represents their philosophy, symbolising balance and depth. A custom die-cut presentation folder, duplexed stationery, and a dynamic tagline device showcased Vioto's attention to detail and adaptability. Their long form documents were designed with alternating page lengths, which allowed for a creative overlay of design sketches on architectural photography, further emphasising their meticulous approach and creative ethos.


The rebranding of Vioto has significantly enhanced its presence within the architectural sector, effectively aligning the brand's visual identity with its core values and operational excellence. The introduction of a new logo, embodying the company's 'inside-out' philosophy, has markedly improved market recognition and client engagement. This strategic overhaul extended beyond mere aesthetic enhancement, fostering increased business inquiries and client interactions. The project's success underscores the pivotal role of coherent brand identity in elevating a company's market position and attracting new opportunities.

DSR Branding has expertly crafted an identity for us that perfectly encapsulates our approach to architecture and design. The result is a clean, modern, and elegant brand image that we are truly proud of. As we began to share content under our new branding, we have received fantastic feedback, particularly regarding our logo. We are immensely grateful to DSR Branding for their exceptional work on our rebranding, which has not only met but exceeded our expectations.

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