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Sticks & Stones was established to explore the complexities of hate and harm on the internet. Their mission is to foster understanding and highlight the humanity that connects us all, amidst the digital age's challenges. Their work focuses on dissecting the impact of online words and actions, aiming to create a more empathetic and aware online community.


The challenge lay in creating a brand that encapsulated the organisation's core mission of examining the digital dialogue's dark side while promoting understanding and compassion. Sticks & Stones needed a brand identity that could communicate the depth and seriousness of their cause without losing the inherent hope and positivity in their mission.


Drawing inspiration from the phrase "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me," DSR Branding crafted a brand identity that speaks to the resilience against online negativity. The design strategy incorporated motion and layout with blocks and spheres to represent the 'cause and effect' of words on the internet. The wordmark, set in Untitled Serif by Klim Type Foundry, is refined and deliberately understated, allowing the stories and content to take centre stage. The monochrome colour palette underscores the duality of online interactions, while individuality is celebrated through colourful portrait photography enhanced with gel lighting, showcasing the diversity and uniqueness of each person.


The rebrand of Sticks & Stones has markedly advanced the organisation's mission, elevating their online presence and enhancing engagement with their target audience. The nuanced brand identity has been instrumental in portraying the organisation as a thought leader in understanding online hate and promoting positivity. This has not only attracted new partnerships and funding opportunities but has also expanded their reach, enabling Sticks & Stones to make a tangible impact on creating a safer and more empathetic online environment.

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