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Sticks & Stones

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Sticks & Stones. Understanding the impact of words online.

With a vision of making the Internet a more human place, Sticks & Stones uses a combination of storytelling and data to improve people’s understanding of the experiences, impacts, and origins of harmful content.

Funded by Google, Sticks & Stones is a project by spur:org, a multi-award-winning, charitable organisation that aims to make it an easier option for people to take positive action than to suicide.

Spur:org engaged us to develop the brand identity and creative direction. 

Inspired by the name, the visual identity is constructed by blocks and spheres. Through motion and layout, these blocks and spheres take various forms to demonstrate ’cause and effect’ of words online.

For the wordmark, we used Untitled Serif, by Klim Type Foundry. It is intentionally refined and unassuming, ‘taking a backseat’ to the stories on the page. 

The monochrome colour palette represents the many grey areas in understanding the impact of words online.

Colour is introduced to the brand through portrait photography and the use of gel colour lighting to emphasise individuality.