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Seq is a diagnostics platform used by software developers at leading companies to confidently operate and manage the systems their businesses rely on. It materialises detailed information in real-time so developers can identify small issues before they become big problems.

Working with any brand is a wonderful opportunity, but working with one already held in high esteem by their audience is particularly invigorating. Entering the discovery phase of our rebrand process necessitates asking a lot of questions, in order to distill the driving purpose of a business.

A key insight that came of this was that the Seq user’s experience is like finding a ‘diamond in the rough’; that is, a great product whose first impression is far surpassed by the quality of actual user experience.The diamond icon represents illumination, insight and new perspectives – the symbolic elements of Seq’s ability to crystallise the location of problems and gaze steadily upwards in constant improvement. The colour palette is broad to accommodate a number of digital software requirements, its bright nature allowing for more joyful expression.

For developers, Seq provides the ability to realise what was once hidden – to ‘see in the dark’, so to speak. This presented production opportunities for the use of a luminous ink, a feature emblematic of the revelatory experience preserved for those ‘Eureka’ moments of the Seq user.