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Two esteemed safety solutions, the US-based Safety Indicators and Australia’s JESI.IO, converged with a vision: shaping the future of workplace safety. Harnessing the power of data-driven insights and predictive analytics, these pioneers aimed to establish a unified platform ensuring comprehensive protection for employees everywhere.

Blending two distinguished brands across different continents was no small feat. The task was to amalgamate their shared vision and distinct expertise into a singular, potent identity. Furthermore, in a competitive market landscape, this newly formed entity needed to communicate its value proposition compellingly, ensuring its message was clear, resonant, and relatable across varied audiences.

Our strategy birthed “Predictability at Work”, a brand essence blending sophistication and a dash of irreverence, perfectly capturing the ethos of these safety gurus. By positioning safety as something “boring, uneventful, and downright predictable”, we spotlighted the company’s unique approach, emphasizing the serene reliability they bring to workplace safety.