Pomona Distilling Co.

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Pomona Distilling Co.

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The Yates family has been living in Pomona, Noosa Hinterland, for over 30 years. This town, named after the Roman goddess of abundance, is for them a place of belongings where rich memories were formed and shared with their loved ones. Passionate about this little corner of the country they call home, they wanted to turn what they love about Pomona into something others could experience.

They approached us initially to craft a new brand for Pomona Distilling Co, their new small-batch distillery, cafe, bar and restaurant that will feature the best food and beverages the Hinterland has to offer.

We wanted to balance the fruitful abundance of Pomona with the ordered, industrial aspects of the gin distillation process. We incorporated a berry and leaf motif in the logo and a number of the icons. It was also important for us to feature Mt Cooroora, a central icon of the Pomona township, as a landmark motif of the brand.

All these elements can be seen in the crafted plaque wordmark, where the letters extend to fit the mountain. The berry of the A extends beyond the bounds of the rectangle in the theme of abundance, likened to an overflowing garden.

The icons, stamps and other brand elements draw inspiration from vintage stamps, badges and historical factory graphics.