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Since its inception in 2014 by Kate Williams, nodo® has become synonymous with gluten-free, healthy, and wholesome food. Known for their delicious donuts and baked goods, nodo® has established itself as a beacon for those seeking a guilt-free treat. Operating with a vision to combine taste with health, nodo® has carved out a distinct niche in the food industry, appealing to a broad audience looking for nutritious options without compromising on flavour.


With nodo® 's expansion into specialty coffee, marked by their unique blend "Wake Up Beautiful", there arose a need to refresh their coffee packaging. The challenge was to inject new life into the packaging that resonated with the existing brand's ethos yet stood out in the competitive coffee market. This required a creative approach to brand strategy and design that would capture the essence of nodo® ‘s commitment to health and taste.


Leveraging the existing nodo® retail packaging elements, we embarked on a design evolution that introduced a revamped colour palette and a refined type treatment. A soft red was added to breathe fresh life into the primary colour scheme, while the use of primary and secondary typefaces was elevated, enhancing the brand's optimistic and positive identity. This design direction was meticulously crafted to reflect the light and airy nature of nodo® ‘s gluten-free offerings, embodying the brand's essence in every aspect of the packaging.


The refreshed packaging design significantly impacted Nodo's market presence, leading to an increase in brand recognition and customer engagement. The new coffee packaging not only aligned with Nodo's health-centric brand but also appealed to a wider audience, driving new business and reinforcing Nodo's position as a leader in wholesome food options. The successful rebrand of their coffee line underscored the importance of cohesive brand identity and design in connecting with consumers and fostering growth.

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