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Movement Enhanced, a premier strength and conditioning facility, specialises in semi-private strength sessions and group conditioning classes. Despite delivering exceptional programming and member satisfaction, their brand identity didn't mirror the high quality of their services.


The main challenge was the disparity between the quality of care provided by Movement Enhanced and its existing brand identity. The goal was to bridge this gap and accurately reflect their industry-leading services in their branding.


We rejuvenated the Movement Enhanced brand to reflect their dedication to strength, conditioning, and community. The rebrand featured a thick, bold, all-caps wordmark conveying approachability, strength, and friendliness, mirroring the nature of their work and team ethos. The logo's circular container symbolises the personalised group training environment, evoking feelings of safety, togetherness, and team spirit, while the navy and red colour palette communicated a sense of reliability, power and bursts of energy that is on show by its members everyday. This comprehensive rebrand extended across signage, uniforms, stationery, and digital platforms, ensuring a cohesive and powerful brand presence.


The rebranding effort significantly elevated Movement Enhanced's perception in the market, aligning their visual identity with the high-quality services they provide. This transformation led to increased recognition, new memberships, and bolstered the facility's reputation as a leader in the strength and conditioning community in Brisbane. The new brand identity resonated with current and potential members, contributing to business growth, higher revenue, and an expanded team. Movement Enhanced's rebrand successfully communicated their unique value proposition, attracting a wider audience and reinforcing their commitment to enhancing physical movement and strength within a supportive community.

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