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spur: was founded in 2011, with a primary focus on men’s mental health. Evolving as Spur Projects for the non-profit sector and Spur Labs for the consulting arm, the brand had always aimed to be a catalyst for change.


With time, spur: expanded its scope to address a variety of pressing social issues, from ensuring safe homes for children to combating online hate. This evolution outgrew the original name, necessitating a rebrand that could accurately represent their multifaceted mission and future aspirations.


The brand transformation led to the creation of “Mettlesome,” a name we developed to perfectly encapsulates the organisation’s blend of bravery, curiosity, kindness, and defiance against cynicism. The new identity allows Mettlesome to fully embrace its expanded role as a ventures studio with non-profit roots, geared towards partnering with good organisations to tackle the world’s gnarliest social problems.