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Founded in 2023 in Brisbane by Pedro Marin Ramirez, Marin Wealth is a boutique financial advisory firm blending seasoned expertise with innovative financial strategies. Prioritising genuine, long-term client relationships, the firm commits to redefining financial advisory services, focusing on individuals’ definitions of ‘wealth’ and long-term financial wellbeing.


The challenge was to craft a brand identity for Marin Wealth that reflects Pedro’s heritage, maintains the trust of existing clientele, and supports the firm’s aspirations for growth.


Together, we developed the brand positioning “Juntos Somos Más — Together, We’re More,” highlighting the strength of partnerships in achieving financial freedom. The identity features an ‘MW’ monogram logo, inspired by the South American embrace, symbolising connection. The colour palette pays homage to Venezuela’s national football team and Queensland’s colours, mirroring Pedro’s roots and his permanent home.