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Kula Health emerged with Dr. Laura Elliot's vision of transforming chiropractic care into a holistic health destination. The name "Kula," Sanskrit for community, reflects the ambition to create a nurturing space that transcends traditional chiropractic practices, fostering a sense of belonging and wellness.


The primary challenge was embodying the essence of "Kula" within the brand, steering clear of the conventional "snap and crack" image of chiropractic services. The goal was to develop a brand that communicated a holistic approach to health, resonating with a community-focused ethos.


We crafted a brand identity that harmoniously integrated land, sea, and sky—elements symbolising homeland security, universal connection, and spiritual vitality, respectively. Opting for green, natural colours, the brand sidesteps the clinical feel typical of chiropractic clinics, instead inviting warmth and inspiration. The rounded, delicate serif font further enhances the brand's peaceful and welcoming ambiance, mirroring a comforting home environment. This approach not only reflects Kula Health's holistic and community-centric philosophy but also distinguishes it in the health and wellness landscape.


The rebranding of Kula Health significantly elevated its market presence, transforming it into a distinguished holistic health destination. The unique brand identity attracted a broader clientele, seeking more than just chiropractic care but a comprehensive wellness experience. This led to new business opportunities, revenue growth, and an expanded community of loyal clients. Kula Health's success underscores the power of a well-conceived brand strategy in resonating with and expanding a customer base, fulfilling its mission to be a beacon of holistic health and community well-being.

“I am not only super happy with the work they have produced but very proud to share what we have created. Our message has meaning and our branding is a great representation of who we are. This allows us to attract our ideal clients. Always impressed with the speed of their delivery and open communication.”

Ben Murphy


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