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Founded in 2016 by Leon O’Brien and Mandy Donaldson, Sustainable ICT has been at the forefront of strategising, designing, and implementing comprehensive software and infrastructure solutions for industry leaders such as BHP, Microsoft Consulting, Origin Energy and Santos.


In 2020, Sustainable ICT made a strategic decision to move from a pure services business model to one that is product-led and services-backed. In doing so, they put their focus into developing software that solves weighty challenges. Think software specifically designed for dust emissions reporting, validating someone’s credentials, or AI that can augment a corporation’s IT department.

This new direction presented our challenge of re-articulating Sustainable ICT’s narrative.


Meet knowble – a name that stands for doing good, seeking truth and no bullsh*t.

The new identity was derived from the notions of nobility and knowledge, encapsulating the firm’s commitment to providing truth-driven, complex technological solutions.

Our ‘Sharp Thinking’ tagline and arrow illustrations, inspired by tales of Robin Hood, signify precision, constant improvement, and unambiguous communication.

The quadrupling of recruitment applicant numbers and a reduction in recruiter fees were early indicators of the strategic branding’s impact on growth and talent attraction.