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Ensight exist to change the world for good.

They see a future in which the choice between having an environmental conscience and making money is eliminated, as people and companies are empowered with solutions that address both. “Accepted corporate belief is that costs for energy and resources are an inevitable and unavoidable business reality. We disagree.”

By 2035 they plan to save a gigatonne (GT) of greenhouse emissions per year, every year. 1 GT = 1,000,000,000 tonnes. To put that into perspective, 1GT is equivalent to approximately 2.4 million International Space Stations. That’s 1GT every year.

The company empower businesses to “See Energy Differently”, to change the game by offering new, more profitable perspectives that just happen to be environmentally beneficial. They help people rethink their options and find solutions by offering new perspectives.

So when it came time to redesign their logo, the answer was simple. Rotate the G. The rotating arrow formed by the G is a simple device that serves as a subtle but ever-present reminder of the company philosophy.