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Cubo Constructions, spearheaded by third-generation builder Guy Vedelago, specialises in the design and construction of facilities for the food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, warehousing, and commercial/industrial sectors. With a focus on innovation and space efficiency, Cubo offers end-to-end solutions that span from design to construction and property management, catering to a diverse array of commercial projects.


As Cubo Constructions expanded its portfolio, the existing brand and website no longer mirrored the company's evolved identity and expertise. The challenge was to overhaul the brand to better communicate Cubo's commitment to building high-quality, durable, and efficiently designed spaces, thereby addressing Guy's concern of potentially missing out on new projects due to outdated messaging.


Cubo Constructions, rebranded with the promise "Built for work," shifts the perception from just building sheds to creating optimal, durable workspaces through client collaboration. The modular wordmark, with its blocky, all-caps design, mirrors Cubo’s construction process and philosophy, symbolising the adaptability and tailored approach they have to each project. This modular principle extends to the layout of design across print and digital platforms, ensuring a cohesive brand experience. The chosen primary orange colour is impactful, optimistic and dynamic, resonating strongly with the construction industry and stands out against a palette of soft tones, perfectly encapsulating Cubo's innovative and client-focused approach in every build.


The rebranding initiative propelled Cubo Constructions into a new chapter of growth and opportunity. By clearly articulating the company's strengths and differentiators, Cubo has attracted new business, leading to increased revenue, investment, and team expansion. The refreshed brand identity has not only revitalised Cubo's image but also bolstered its market position, reinforcing the company's reputation as a leader in creating spaces that are truly "Built for work." Through strategic branding, DSR has helped Cubo Constructions stand out in a competitive industry, driving success and fostering long-term relationships with clients seeking quality and innovation in construction.

I love the new logo, I love the tagline… it’s exactly what I’ve wanted since starting the business.

Guy Vedelago


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