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Founded in 2010 by master glazier James Charge, Clear Brilliance has built a stellar reputation for excellence in glass installations. Under James' leadership, the company has shown remarkable growth, driven by a commitment to quality and a highly skilled team, striving to exceed client expectations.


Despite their success and industry reputation, Clear Brilliance's brand did not fully reflect the company's achievements or the high standard of work they deliver. The challenge was to elevate the brand to match the business's standing and showcase its commitment to "Excellence in Glass."


We embarked on a comprehensive rebranding strategy to encapsulate Clear Brilliance's ethos and craftsmanship. The new logo, inspired by the refraction of light through glass, cleverly integrates the letters C and B while symbolising the company's core service. This motif extends throughout the brand stationery and photography, employing geometric angles that mimic light's cut or refracted imagery. The website was redesigned with a minimalist aesthetic, featuring small margins to represent the precision of glass frames, and a black and white colour scheme that contrasts sharply with vibrant photography, reflecting the team's efficiency, transparency, and cleanliness.


The rebranding initiative significantly enhanced Clear Brilliance's market presence, aligning its visual identity with its reputation for quality and innovation in glass solutions. This newfound brand cohesion has attracted new business, increased revenue, and solidified Clear Brilliance's position as an industry leader. The rebrand successfully communicated the essence of Clear Brilliance's work ethic and dedication to excellence, fostering greater engagement with their target audience and setting a strong foundation for future growth.

When we recognised that our business had outgrown its previous branding, we knew it was time to seek professional assistance to revamp our name and overall image. From our initial phone call with Dan and the DSR team, we felt an immediate connection and were confident that their ideas aligned with our vision. Though we initially wanted to collaborate with a local Melbourne agency, DSR’s dedication and enthusiasm easily overrode this preference.

Before starting the project, our main concern was finding a team that could effectively bring our expectations and ambitions to fruition. However, after in-depth ‘get to know you’ sessions with DSR, all our doubts were put to rest. The entire process was seamless, marked by transparent communication and flexibility for adjustments at every stage. Since completing the project, our business has truly thrived. Investing in our brand and website redesign has enabled us to stand out as industry leaders, drawing in the right clients and top-tier employees who align with our business goals.

Working with Dan and his team has been an absolute pleasure, from the rebranding and new website launch to the ongoing management of our online presence. They have consistently provided valuable insights and support in design and marketing aspects. As a company in the construction industry, we have discovered immense value in partnering with DSR. We highly recommend them to any business that feels they have outgrown their existing branding and requires a team of experts to help bring their true identity to life.

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