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Brill Coffee



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Brill Coffee is a premium freeze-dried coffee and new entrant in the competitive Australian specialty coffee industry.

Brill’s founder, Joel Brilliant (yes, his legal name) engaged us to develop the name, identity and packing for Brill. For the name, we paid homage to the founder, Joel Brilliant. Shortening it to “Brill” highlighted one of the main features, its ability to save the drinker time.Our logo is vibrant and playful, with laid-back character and a credible “statement” feel. The custom wordmark achieves a fresh feel with stem and leaf inspired curves on the “br” and a playful nature through the “ri” ligature, like a scoop of Brill, shared from one (letter) to another.Using the principles flag design (Vexillology), we developed the graphics from simple geometry and bold colours. In the case of the single origins, we reimagined the designs of the flags from the regions the coffee was grown.