Brill Adventure Pack

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Brill Adventure Pack



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Brill Coffee is a premium freeze-dried coffee (read ‘instant coffee’, but actually tasty) and a new entrant in the absurdly competitive Australian specialty coffee industry. One of the best parts of Brill is its portability and the simplicity of the product. Want a delicious coffee? Just add water.

This made it ideal for hikers, campers and lovers of the outdoors. At the time, Brill only came in elegantly-designed but not-so travel friendly glass jars. Our team proposed a more rugged, travel-friendly solution — an aluminium canister. Smaller, lighter and more travel-friendly — the ultimate companion for your next adventure.

We named it the Adventure Pack and designed it around celebrating the outdoors. We printed the design on more tactile vinyl labels for durability and a more rustic feel.

The label features a sun, moon, mountain and campsite; an idyllic vista reimagined in the Brill colour and brand style.