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Betta, a leading independent retail franchise group in Australia, boasts over 160 stores nationwide, offering a wide range of appliances and furniture. Initially known as Betta Electrical, the brand evolved in 2013, transitioning to Betta Home Living to mirror its broader product spectrum. A decade into this change, amidst evolving consumer expectations and a competitive market, Betta aimed to refine its brand positioning for wider appeal, culminating in the streamlined identity simply known as “Betta.”


Despite its strong presence in regional Australia, Betta struggled to gain traction in urban areas. The brand, still closely associated with its original identity and local store ownership, faced the task of refreshing its image to resonate more effectively across Australia’s varied markets, particularly in metropolitan settings.


A simplification of Betta’s name saw the need for a similar approach to the brand’s visual identity. Rather than adding, we instead chose to embrace and build upon existing elements of the brand. For the wordmark, we removed the bevel effect and simplified the lockup to emphasise its bold and contemporary nature. This strategy extended to the entire brand system, leveraging Betta’s updated, lively colour scheme and its signature yellow logo container. This thoughtful approach ensured a cohesive and distinct roll-out of Betta’s new identity across all touchpoints.