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Since 2012, ATG has built a strong reputation for commercial fitouts and construction projects. As they expanded their network and offerings, including modular and property development, they sought our expertise to refresh their brand and online presence to match their reputation as a trusted partner in ‘Building Success’.


How do we create a brand that captures ATG’s young and dynamic nature while remaining grounded in the company’s family roots?


We designed a dynamic wordmark, custom-built on a robust grid system, featuring expanded letter widths, subtle variable stroke weights, and a distinctive 'G' to create an agile, versatile wordmark with maximum impact. This new design set the foundation for a refreshed and contemporary visual identity.

To further enhance the brand, we developed a suite of brandmark combinations with prescribed colour schemes. These combinations were designed for adaptability and impact across all applications, from sponsorship jerseys and hardhats to proposal documents and hoarding, ensuring a consistent and professional look.

To honour ATG's roots, we retained their original blue, redefining it with a credible True-Blue hue. The primary colour palette of True Blue and white was complemented by Navy and vibrant secondary colours, providing versatility and a modern touch to the brand’s visual identity.

We built a custom website to showcase ATG's expanded capabilities, prioritising functionality and ease of navigation. The new site is approachable and accessible, featuring their comprehensive project portfolio while championing the refreshed brand identity, ensuring that ATG's online presence matched their innovative and trusted reputation.


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