Advanced Truss Systems

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Advanced Truss Systems

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Advanced Truss Systems came to us requesting a new brand and website to give them a stronger market presence. Their products, timber trusses, have become so commoditised that it was essential to communicate to their market their real difference and value proposition.

With the rebrand we sought out to define and demonstrate what makes Advanced Truss Systems unique. Their expertise and strong relationships with suppliers and builders was a true point of difference. We also wanted to highlight the importance of what a good timber truss can provide – the solid foundations of The Great Aussie Dream – a home.

The brand consists of various elements which reinforce and showcase their manufacturing process.

The logo references the framework of a house, with the walls and roofing systems being featured. The bold and sturdy typeface needs to stand out when spray painted onto Timber trusses and be able to be read from far away.