Social Impact with Lee Crockford & William Smith-Stubbs.

Lee Crockford and William Smith-Stubbs are the Co-founders of spur: a strategy, design, and venture studio focused on positively affecting human actions—and measuring the outcome. ‍

Some of spur:’s projects have spanned sustainability, human rights, mental health, and more, with achievements including the world’s first global smartphone survey for mental health and a record breaking anti-loneliness volunteering program.

In this episode we discuss their first project, Soften the Fck Up, a mental health and suicide prevention project that looked to reshape the language around men’s mental health.

They explain #OLDMATE, a national campaign developed to reduce the social isolation of the elderly.

We discuss rebranding foster care, and their methodology on how to drive action in social movements.

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Lee Crockford’s bio

Lee is a seasoned innovator and strategist with deep experience working on social impact projects around the world—particularly in mental health, equality, and education.

He has been recognised internationally for his ground-breaking work and approach to social change and impact measurement, and is a Global Laureate Fellow, UNLEASH Innovation Lab winner, representative to the G20 Youth Entrepreneurship Alliance, and D&F Academy Global Fellow.

Living by the motto “Creating awareness is for those that can’t get people to take action”, he is not only passionate about instigating social change, but ensuring that this change is both profound and measurable.

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William Smith-Stubbs’ bio

With a decade of experience in strategy, research and analysis, William has consulted to some of Australia’s largest governmental organisations and some of the world’s largest non-profits. An active social commentator, Will regularly speaks at conferences and on television and radio about social change and technology.

William is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and Davos Annual Meeting panelist, a Gates Foundation Goalkeeper, G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit Australian Delegate and the Digital Brisbane Ambassador to Berlin. William was also a founding Global Talent for the UNLEASH Innovation Lab in Denmark 2017 and a Talent Facilitator in Singapore, 2018.

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About spur:

spur: creates strategies that move people to action. We’re a strategy, design, and venture studio focused on positively affecting human actions—and measuring the outcome. ‍We work with organisations, governments, and communities to create a world that is fair, sustainable, and well.


Episode Contents

  • Their favourite brands – Aesop & Spaceship Superannuation
  • How they met and their backgrounds
  • What spur: is 
  • Their #oldmate project
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the elderly 
  • Making technology more accessible for the elderly
  • The challenges of doing the work they do 
  • Rebranding Foster Care
  • What they do to relax outside of work
  • Their favourite books
  • How to drive action in social movements
  • The importance of language