Simon Harradence — Value Investing and Saying “No” to Achieve More.

Simon Harradence is an Investment Adviser and Director of Investment Management firm, Lugarno Partners.

Before founding Lugarno Partners in 2015, Simon worked for two of the world’s biggest investment banks. He’s written a book on value investing, titled “Protecting What Hard Work Built”, and runs an investment fund.

In this episode we discuss why he admires purpose-driven brands that choose to stand for something. How the market has reacted to COVID-19. Simon’s investment philosophy, and how to choose the right adviser.

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Simon’s Bio:

Simon is an Adviser and the Founding-Director of Lugarno Partners an investment management firm providing highly-personalised investment advice and strategy for high income earners and wealthy families. 

Prior to founding Lugarno Partners in July 2015, Simon worked at two of the world’s largest investment banks. 

Lugarno Partners is the cross-section between Simon’s determination to always do what is right for his clients; his strong view that wealth management belongs in the hands of adviser-owned wealth management firms; and his passion for entrepreneurship.

Simon is determined to ensure that everything Lugarno Partners does has its clients and its key stakeholders at its core. He believes that wealth management involves highly personal advice that requires an ability to source research and investments in an unconstrained manner across the entire market. Large firms (the wire houses) are consistently placing advisers in a difficult position where the interests of the firm and the clients are in conflict. 

Mentoring is one of Simon’s core values, having done so through the Smith Family Learning for Life Program. Simon believes mentoring is the key to breaking down the poverty trap that many Australians are born into. One of Simon’s life goals with Lugarno Partners is to provide education, exposure and advice to deserving finance undergraduates to improve their chances of successful employment post graduation.


Episode Contents:

  • Brands that stand for something
  • Companies that forgo potential revenue by focusing on one single product 
  • The market’s reaction to COVID-19
  • Simon’s Investment Philosophy 
  • Why Simon founded his own investment management firm 
  • Achieving more by doing less
  • Characteristics of successful people 
  • How to choose an investment manager 
  • How he switches off from work.


Disclaimer: The information contained in this episode is general in nature and does not take into account your personal situation. You should consider whether the information is appropriate to your needs, and where appropriate, seek professional advice from a financial adviser.