Redefining the Role of Creativity & Community Building with Nikki Bentley

Nikki Bentley is an Executive Producer who has dedicated her working life to creating world-class content and marketing, for brands around the world.

She is the founder of Perfect Tribe, a creative consultancy and representation agency for brands. By tapping into her global network of brilliant creative specialists, Nikki assembles the perfect team for each project.

Nikki is also a Co-founder of Troupe, a community designed to support the creative journey for remote working talent.

In this episode we discuss her background, starting out in production and television in South Africa, working in ad agencies in London, and moving to Lisbon to start her own business.

We touch on how the production industry has changed over the years, Nikki shares some great stories of working in live television, plus we dive into how she collaborates with some of the brightest creatives around the world.

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Nikki’s Bio:

Nikki Bentley is an Executive Producer who has dedicated her working life to creating world-class content and marketing for brands around the world.

Her career has taken her from live broadcast production and award-winning documentary programming, to rebranding media channels and producing cross platform campaigns around the globe.

Nikki founded Perfect Tribe to provide the perfect team for every project by tapping into the vast network of brilliant creative specialists she has met and loved over the years. Her founding belief is that when each member of a tribe delivers what they’re individually brilliant at, we build a better, healthier and more creative community. And we get to create beauty and joy.

She is a company director and the treasurer for Promax UK and sits on the advisory council for PromaxBDA in Europe. She is a frequent speaker at key industry events and is regularly invited to join the jury panels for judging award competitions.

Nikki is a member of the Million Dollar Women movement which aims to see one million female business owners reach one million dollars in revenue by 2020. And she forms part of the senior leadership team for the M$W Summit hosted in New York each year.

She was also listed as 2018 Top 100 Influencer by Creativepool.

It is Nikki’s driving ambition to see great creative minds inform decisions across every aspect of business as she believes this will build a more emotively connected world.


Episode Contents:

  • Nikki’s favourite brand
  • Her start in the industry
  • Moving from South Africa to London and on to Lisbon
  • Locking down with Coronavirus for 30 days
  • Why Nikki founded Perfect Tribe
  • Examples of their creative teams
  • How to collaborate remotely
  • The challenges of live television
  • Founding Troupe, a community for local creatives
  • Nikki’s favourite books
  • Running better meetings and gatherings.