Purpose-Built Creative Teams with Tash Menon.

Tash Menon is the Director and Founder of MASH Brands – a global community of independent brand strategists and creative problem solvers that offers a modern take on the traditional agency model. Tash works with a network of 80 freelancers, or ‘MASHers’, around the world, connecting them with brands and providing an agile, in-sourced solution.

We discuss:

  • Purpose-led brands
  • Tash’s career path
  • Why she started MASH, and the value it offers to brands and freelancers
  • Their onboarding process for new creatives
  • Becoming business partners with friends
  • Finding new clients in unexpected ways.

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Tash’s Bio:

After recognising the impact the freelance economy was having on the way we work around the globe, Tash launched MASH in 2018 as a more effective way to support businesses with their brand and creative strategies.

Tash draws on a unique combination of global, entrepreneurial and corporate experience to distill problems into workable challenges. With over 14 years’ professional experience, Tash has led and consulted on strategic brand, creative, partnership and event projects for luxury hotels, world renowned restaurants and high-end events across Australia, London, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia.

In 2016, she spearheaded an international brand strategy for a high-profile Australian chef, drawing attention from Sir Richard Branson and Jamie Oliver as well as seeing her shortlisted as one of Australia’s top 8 marketers in the Australian B&T Women in Media Awards. Her expansive top tier client experience includes the likes of Virgin Australia, Tourism Australia, P&O Cruises, Mulberry, Jaguar, Tom Ford, THG Global, London Fashion Week, Eastern and Oriental Express, and Mandarin Oriental.

Having graduated Dux from University of Sydney’s Master of Marketing program, Tash holds a Bachelor of Business, Marketing and Advertising from the Queensland University of Technology and University of London. She is also a regular guest lecturer for the University of Sydney MBA program and Queensland University of Technology.