Peter Brennan — How to Survive and Thrive as a Creative Entrepreneur.

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Peter Brennan is an award-winning designer with over 20 years experience, across three continents. He’s a keynote speaker and the Founder & Creative Director of Electric And Analog – a brand, content and design studio based in Sydney, Australia. 

In this episode Peter shares what it’s like to go through a business break-up, putting in measures to survive and thrive through a pandemic, the confidence to ask for help from people you admire, getting through burnout and discovering your purpose.   

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Peter’s profile: 

Peter Brennan is a multi award-winning designer, entrepreneur and creative agency owner who has worked with brands such as Gloria Jean’s Coffee, Byron Bay Tea Company, the NRL and AMP to name a few. He has an interesting story to tell: born in England, he grew up in South Africa, and has lived in Australia for the last 8 years.  He owns and runs Electric And Analog – a brand, content and design studio based in Sydney.  He created Viewpop – a 3D photo app – that made the Top 10 startups at Web Summit in Dublin 2 years in a row, and was a week away from selling it to one of China’s largest multinationals before Donald Trump got in the way.  He once got hijacked and had a gun stuck in his mouth and the trigger pulled.  He flew to Tokyo and pitched to the founder of Softbank who wore slippers and a dressing gown.  An ex-CIA agent once invested in his startup. 

Peter watched his own dad go from being a millionaire to an abusive alcoholic who went bankrupt, and was under so much financial pressure that he eventually took his own life. As a kid, Peter’s refuge from the family anarchy was drawing with crayons.  He took art at school and progressed to study graphic design and ultimately work in advertising. He became obsessed with how good design & creative thinking can make businesses and the lives of those who run them infinitely better.  After a career in and around the creative industry, he started his own design studio – Electric And Analog – in 2016.  Combining design, innovation and technology to make companies better is why he gets out of bed in the morning.  His vision is to help business owners craft a clear and powerful brand that tells their story and connects with their audience so that they have the time and focus to manage and grow the business of their dreams.


Episode Contents:

  • Why people love brands 
  • Branding for CBD Oil and Marijuana 
  • Going through a business break-up 
  • Staying in your own lane and being focused
  • The perils of outsourcing and being the ‘middle-man’ 
  • Developing your own process
  • How to survive a pandemic
  • Using Linkedin as a design studio to build network 
  • How recruitment sales changed how he builds relationships
  • The shortfalls of Full Service Agencies 
  • Discussing pricing methods 
  • Why he avoids pitching 
  • Thinking differently to get people’s attention 
  • 90min focus sprints — productivity hacks 
  • Getting through burnout with journaling
  • His first keynote presentation
  • Finding your purpose
  • Planning an effective day


Bonus section: The importance of product first, marketing second, brand third. 

Drawing on the many parallels between Electric And Analog and DSR Branding, we discussed: 

  • The importance of being selective with new clients. 
  • How to push back on clients’ ideas
  • How to be constructive to clients
  • The importance of following a process
  • The power of word of mouth referrals.

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