Megan Fry — Understanding our Core Needs and Adaptation Through Isolation.

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Megan Fry is a Clinical Psychologist, Advanced Individual Schema Therapist and the Founder of MFRY Psychologist. In this episode Megan explains what schema therapy is, and discusses the potential schemas high achievers in the business world may suffer. We discuss potential long-term effects of social distancing and isolation during COVID-19 and how we could use this time for greater connections


About Megan:

Megan Fry is a clinical psychologist with over 14 years experience, she’s an advanced individual schema therapist and the founder and Director of MFRY Psychologist, a practice in Brisbane’s north. Megan served in the Army as a military psychologist, working with soldiers from all corps, including Special Forces. Over the years she has combined her two passions. Working with Veterans and Schema Therapy. Megan has written papers on schema therapy and teaches other clinicians via workshops, and webinars.

Megan is currently completing a PhD at Griffith University to validate how a novel group schema therapy program can assist ex-serving military personnel adjust into the community after discharge.

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About this episode:

In this episode, Megan explains to me what Schema therapy is and the potential schemas that high achievers in the business world may suffer. We discuss the current COVID-19 crisis, how we can turn home quarantine into an opportunity for greater connection. Plus how to cope with high levels of uncertainty. I ask Megan how we can avoid overworking or burnout or while working from home, and how to prepare for better sleep.

We dive into Megan’s business and learn about how she started and the growth she’s achieved in such a short time.

Megan shares the significance of elephants and why there are photos of them in her waiting room, plus an elephant in her logo.

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