Make it Fun with Jonny Shannon

This episode is on making brands fun, finding your unique value, and the importance of great marketing with Tech Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker, Jonny Shannon.

Jonny’s the CEO of Gamify, a marketing company that develop video games for some of the world’s biggest brands. He’s also Australia’s most requested speaker for schools, with talks on cybersafety, anti-bullying and mental health.

Jonny has presented over 3,000 times to over 370 schools and was recently awarded Australian Motivational Speaker of the Year 2020 by Corporate Vision Magazine.

In this epic 2hr episode we cover: 

  • Jonny’s favourite brand
  • What makes Elon Musk the most interesting person in the world 
  • Appearing on Shark Tank
  • Jonny’s background in sales and making 100 calls a day
  • Building a billion dollar company
  • Surprising and delighting clients
  • Dealing with bullying 
  • Overcoming objections in the sales process 
  • Why marketing is so important 


Jonny’s Bio

Jonny Shannon is an International Tech entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker based in Sydney, Australia. He grew up in South Auckland, New Zealand and found school extremely difficult, having undiagnosed dyslexia and other disabilities which led him to failing all his subjects and being bullied. After overreacting too many times, Jonny was finally expelled for fighting too much and not showing up to school. It wasn’t until his last school that a counsellor took him aside to work through some of the key issues he was facing. The difference for Jonny was from “night to day”. He quickly turned his academic performance around and focused on his emotional wellbeing. Surprised in the difference seeing a counsellor made, he committed to doing youth work to help other students like him in the future. 

After a short time in the New Zealand Army, Jonny moved to Australia to become a qualified youth-worker. He later took some time off and co-started multiple companies including being a pioneer of ‘Pushpay’, an app that helps people give to charities, now on the ASX and one of the fastest growing SasS companies in Australian history, worth over $1 Billion. He took this success and resources to re-dedicate his life to full-time youth work, this time focusing on interviewing youth psychologists and speaking at schools on various health topics.