Laura Wellington — Work-Life Integration.

Laura Wellington is a Welsh Designer based in Leeds in the UK. She’s a Place Maker, Creative Thinker, Product and Interior Designer, Positive Disruptor and the Co-Founder of Duke Studios, Duke Makes and Sheaf Street

Laura is also the curator for In Good Company Leeds, a street art initiative seeking to shape Leed’s future as a destination city.

In this episode we discuss how their recent campaign ‘Posters for the People’ snowballed from street posters, to a beer range, to a collaboration with one of The Rolling Stones. 

Laura also shares how her and her partner James Abbott-Donnelly Co-founded the UK’s “Best Co-Working Space” – Duke Studios, how she switches between roles across her 8 different businesses, and discusses having one of her products listed as one of the most iconic Habitat designs in the last 50 yrs.

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Laura’s Bio:

Laura Wellington is a Welsh designer, Based in Leeds UK. She has a passion for materials, process and the fine details.

Laura arrived in Leeds in 2005 and since graduating from her degree in 2008 she has gained international press and transatlantic clients. In 2011 Laura featured on the BBC TV Program “Britain’s Next Big Thing” which charted her taking HULA to the High Street. In 2014 HULA was listed as one of the most iconic Habitat designs in the last 50 yrs. 

Laura has most definitely made Leeds her home and as well as making and creating in her studio, Laura has Co-Founded Duke Studios alongside her partner James Abbott-Donnelly.


Episode Contents:

    • How Laura has responded to COVID-19 
    • Starting – In Good Company 
    • How a campaign snowballs
    • Getting Ronnie Wood from The Rolling Stones 
    • Switching between tasks 
    • Creating businesses with purpose
    • Running 8 different businesses 
    • Working  with your partner
    • Setting end dates on projects
    • Running the Uk’s best co-working space by creating a community
    • The formula for creating the UK’s best coworking space 
    • How Laura chose Leeds University. 
    • Being selective with who she works with 
    • Laura’s favourite books 
    • What Laura hopes will change out of COVID-19.