Writing Better Creative Briefs with Tim Hughes.

Tim Hughes is a global expert in creative brand strategy and the founder of The Brief Doctor. He is a lifetime achievement award–winner, and former chair of Promax UK.

A creative brief is a short 1-2 page document outlining the strategy for a creative project, typically between client and agency. Tim’s business, The Brief Doctor, specialise in making these documents more compelling, which in turn results in better creative.

This episode is perfect for people who want to make brands better and marketers who want their messages to cut through.

Tim explains The Brief Doctor’s Who, What, Why method of writing great creative briefs, the art of the Single-Minded Proposition, and the common mistakes people make when writing creative briefs.

We discuss: customer journeys and creating advocates, how to unite your Marketing and Creative teams, Tim’s favourite projects, how to make things go ‘viral’.

Plus, how to improve engagement on Linkedin and how brands get social media wrong.

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Tim’s Bio:

Tim Hughes is a global expert in creative brand strategy and founder of The Brief Doctor.

He is a customer-focussed strategic thinker and award-winning creative leader with twenty years experience in branding and global television marketing. Tim is a motivator of people, a conceptual visualiser, a strong and intriguing speaker and consultant.


Episode Contents:

  • Tim’s favourite brands
  • Brands being held accountable by the public
  • How Tim founded The Brief Doctor
  • Finding your niche – what you’re good, useful and valuable at
  • What a creative brief is, and how to write one
  • Posing creative problems correctly
  • The difference between a Strategic Brief and a Creative Brief
  • Who, What, and Why
  • The one moment in time – making briefs relevant
  • What a single minded proposition is
  • Common mistakes people make when writing a brief
  • Focus groups and research
  • ‘Pen portraits’/customer personas/archetypes
  • How brands really connect with people
  • The journey you want customers to go on — turning customers into advocates
  • Getting more out of your creatives
  • The issue with briefing process
  • Having a pitch fee
  • Blair Enns and David C. Baker
  • Win Without Pitching by Blair Enns
  • Collective buy-in to the brief
  • What Account Management is
  • Getting ROI from marketing and solving problems for the clients
  • Media planning
  • Winning awards by improving the submission
  • Doing a rebrand of a Discovery channel
  • Things you can guarantee will go viral
  • Brands on social media – Facebook, Linkedin
  • Engagement Tips for Linkedin Marketing
  • Taking customers on a journey to get buy in
  • Pub knowledge.