Building a Global Entertainment Group & B2B Sales with Tony McGinn OAM.

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Tony McGinn OAM is the Principal of The McGinn Partnership, a sales coaching business for CEOs and leaders of B2B SMEs, and a Chair of a CEO Peer Mentor Group with TEC.  

At 22, Tony founded MCM Entertainment Group, which he grew to a $50M global business. 

His sales and marketing experience includes working with enterprises like The Coca-Cola Company, Microsoft, Samsung and Disney, amongst many others.

We discuss:

  • What makes The Coca-Cola Company such a remarkable brand
  • The growth of MCM Entertainment Group
  • Starting Take 40 Australia with Barry Bissel 
  • Brand partnerships with Prince
  • B2B Sales Protocols
  • The best new business questions to ask a prospect.

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Tony’s Bio

Tony McGinn created MCM entertainment at 22 which he grew to a $50M global business across media, from radio, video to digital. He is also the brains behind the Million Dollar Lunch, who has strategically changed the game for fundraising to raise over 17.8 million for children’s cancer – which was the catalyst behind his OAM (Order of Australia Medal). Today Tony has continued giving back and is paying it forward as the Melbourne Chairman of TEC (The Executive Connection) and behind The McGinn Partnership focused on supporting CEOs and leaders to improve their sales and business development performance.

Episode Contents

  • Tony’s favourite brand — Coca Cola 
  • How Coca Cola built their brand and distribution business 
  • How they started Take 40 Australia 
  • Creating National Australian Music Day 
  • Negotiating performance contracts and brand integrations with Prince
  • Transitioning from MCN to The McGinn Partnership 
  • Designing a sales training curriculum for B2B Sales
  • The difference between Sales and Marketing 
  • Tony’s hobbies
  • Atomic Habits book
  • Creating The Million Dollar Lunch

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