Francis Barram — See Energy Differently: How Companies Can Be Green AND Profitable.

Francis Barram is a thought leader in Energy Management, a leading Sustainability Adviser, and the Founder and Director of Ensight, a multi-award winning energy management company.

He’s a published author of a book, “How to Profit From Climate Change: A Breakthrough Approach to Increase Business Profits With Energy Efficiency Despite the Carbon Tax”.

He’s also founder and director energy management software platform – Enspara, and renewable energy company – Barren Energy.

Francis and his team want to change the world for good. By 2035 they plan to save 1 gigatonne of greenhouse emissions per year, every year! That’s equivalent to approximately 1.74 million Airbus A380’s.

In this episode we discuss; how Francis turned his business from a consulting business to a technology business. His highlights from the past 12 months. How they are helping 200 KFC stores across South Africa reduce wastage. His backstory in Energy Management and how he helped stop a power station from being built on a Queensland Heritage Listed site. How his company is planning to save 1 gigatonne of greenhouse emissions per year by 2035. And how mining companies can reduce their greenhouse emissions without affecting production or profits.

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Francis’  Bio:

Francis is an energy management thought leader and business entrepreneur. He is a leading sustainability advisor and published author of “How to Profit from Climate Change”. He has developed the Enspara energy management enterprise software platform. These programs offered and delivered to some of the world’s largest energy users delivers world leading energy management design solutions. Francis is committed to reducing global energy use by 10% by 2035 through the energy management software and hardware solution as part of his contribution to global energy transformation. His key initiative is to halt carbon induced climate change. His work delivers energy transformation in the education, quick food services and retail sectors and also in mines, processing plants and energy intensive industries. Delivering 50% energy cost reductions for zero capital investment. Francis has won several Australian and South African energy efficiency design awards.


Episode Contents:

  • Francis’ highlights over the past 12 months
  • How Ensight has changed from a consulting business into a technology business
  • How they’re helping 200 KFC stores across South Africa reduce energy wastage
  • Francis’ background and how he got started in Energy Management
  • How he helped stop a power station being built on a Queensland heritage listed site
  • How their company Barren Energy is turning cactus plants into bio gas
  • We discuss common myths about how going green doesn’t have to mean a reduction in profitability
  • The importance of a clearly defined business vision.