Ecommerce and Cultivating Company Culture with Ryan Murtagh.

Ryan Murtagh is the founder and CEO of Neto, a B2B and multi-channel Ecommerce platform that provides an all-in-one solution for Ecommerce, POS, inventory & fulfilment.

Neto is the trusted retail management platform for household brands like Spotlight, Bicyclesonline, Anaconda and Edible blooms.

An entrepreneur at heart, Ryan’s business journey started at the early age of 14, when he took over a failing school tuck shop and turned it into a small business success story.

He shares an inspiring journey; from running an online store selling bikes and massage chairs, to starting Neto and their evolution from a web development service business to productising their platform and transitioning into a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) business.

Ryan shares the lessons learnt through huge growth following a significant investment from Telstra, which led to hiring 70 new employees in 8 months. He explains why they’re leaving their head office in Brisbane to become a fully-distributed workforce. We discuss how they’re preserving and protecting their culture and his vision for the new space, which seeks to be a retreat from the home office.

Ryan provides some valuable tips and takeaways for people in Ecommerce and predicts what the future of retail may look like.

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Ryan’s Bio:

Ryan Murtagh is the founder and CEO of leading retail management platform, Neto.

Established in 2009, today Neto is a complete solution for retail that allows retailers and wholesalers to sell everywhere (Point-of-Sale, webstore, and marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay) and manage all of their back of house operations (payment gateways, shipping/freight, inventory, accounting, CRM and advanced data analytics). Thousands of retailers across the world use the platform to sell their wares and cumulatively have turned over more than $3 billion in sales. Neto experienced steady growth until 2015, at which time Telstra invested in the company, and Neto has been rapidly expanding since.

Ryan started his journey as an Australian multi-channel retailer, importing and distributing products on eBay, a webstore and a bricks and mortar location, establishing Neto after identifying the pain points of running a retail business.

With a great product and over 130 passionate people working at Neto offices in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, Ryan is inspired by coming into work each day and is excited to see where this next phase will take the company.


Episode Content:

  • His favourite brand – Orvis
  • Ryan’s retirement dream
  • How he got his start in Ecommerce
  • Starting Neto 
  • Where he got his entrepreneurial influence from
  • The initial years of Neto 
  • Becoming a SAAS business 
  • An acquisition from Telstra
  • Opening their office in the United States
  • The effect of COVID-19 on Ecommerce 
  • How Neto differs from other Ecommerce platforms
  • Notable Neto clients
  • The role that branding and marketing has played Neto’s growth 
  • Maintaining a connected culture
  • Different goal frameworks they employ
  • Trialling being a full-distributed company 
  • Tips for Ecommerce marketers to scale their business 
  • The future of Ecommerce.