DSR Branding Presents — Podcast Update.

Welcome to DSR Branding Presents

For the people who have been with us for our first 10 episodes, why the change in name?

Well it’s not because we’ve run out of remarkable people to talk to. We’re changing the name because we want to align the topics of the podcast with what our business does: grow businesses through effective brand strategy, marketing and design.

Moving forward, our attention will be focused on interviewing remarkable people from the creative, design and branding community, to get their perspective on great branding, marketing, advertising, digital and design.

My vision is to bring branding into the mainstream, the same way The Gruen Transfer did for Advertising.

I believe that having an appreciation and understanding of what good branding is, is relevant for everyone, and for those who want to build a business it’s vital knowledge.

This podcast will highlight great stories of effective branding, creative campaigns and good business practices.


So who’s this podcast for? 

  • Business owners and founders looking to grow their business,
  • Marketing managers and creative professionals looking for inspiration and new ideas,
  • Marketing students seeking real world examples,
  • Designers looking to level-up their business,
  • and people who just love learning and hearing remarkable stories.

Thanks for listening.