Creating Identities & Experiences That Connect People with Craig Parsons.

Craig Parsons is the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Parsons, a Brand Design Studio with offices in South Africa and Ireland.

Founded in 2009, Parsons work with businesses across the globe, on identities, campaigns, packaging and more.

In this episode, Craig shares his story of how he went from being a young surfer, designing t-shirts while travelling across America, to running one of the most revered brand studios in the world.

We discuss: how he got into design, Co-founding Parsons with his wife and business partner, how they get new clients, their design process, some of his favourite projects, why him and his family are moving from Cape Town to Ireland, and where he gets ideas and draws inspiration from. Plus he shares some practical tips for improving the way you present work.

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Craig’s bio:

After working as a graphic designer for 12 years, with deep roots in research and strategy, Craig founded his own studio in 2009. Craig is a multi-disciplined creative, with a passion for pure graphic design, typography and art direction. His strengths lie not only in his ability to produce beauty through restraint and crafted simplicity, but his conceptual work and extreme resourcefulness are what set his ideas apart. Design-thinking is core to our project work, as pathfinders Parsons identifies the human experience of authentic brands that are looking to make new friends and reach their full potential.


Episode Content:

  • Craig’s favourite brands
  • How he got into design
  • His early clothing business
  • Studying graphic design
  • The value of being strategic in design – “design-thinking”
  • Moving to Ireland and extending their studio to Europe
  • Working with his wife
  • Working with international brands – US and European markets
  • Their Ok Drugs! project
  • Using Instagram to attract new clients
  • Their design process
  • Creative collaboration
  • Dream projects
  • Mistakes they they’ve learnt from
  • Gaining trust from clients and getting them to appreciate your process.