Creating a Fitter Planet with Clive Ormerod

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Clive Ormerod is the CEO of Les Mills, a global fitness brand famous for their group fitness classes like BODYPUMP™, BODYCOMBAT™ and BODYATTACK™. 

Their workouts are licensed in 20,000 clubs worldwide, with a team of 140,000 instructors delivering group fitness classes to over six million people a week.

Before joining Les Mills, Clive ran his own retail business, worked across Europe with Nike, and with one of New Zealand’s largest companies, Spark.  

Clive shares his favourite brand, his personal purpose and how it aligns with the work he does, stepping up from CMO to CEO, and leading and adapting through COVID19.

Plus, we discuss the future of fitness, LES MILLS On Demand — their at-home workout app, and strategic partnerships.

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Clive’s bio:

Clive’s love for building and developing teams comes through in the conversation we had. He is an experienced business leader, with a proven track record in delivering results across international businesses and building high-performing teams. Bringing his high energy and leadership expertise to the role of CEO, Clive is committed to shaping a world-leading team and strengthening Les Mills’ position as a top global fitness brand. Before joining Les Mills, Clive went from running his own business, working across Europe with Nike, to accepting a role with Spark, one of NZ’s largest businesses, which enabled his family to settle back into life in New Zealand.


Episode Contents:

  • Clive’s favourite brand — Nike
  • His background in retail
  • Working with Nike in the UK & Europe
  • Clive’s personal purpose: A plan on a page 
  • Working with Spark 
  • Joining Les Mills
  • Stepping up from CMO to CEO
  • How a background in marketing and brand helps CEOs
  • Leading through COVID19
  • Growing LES MILLS On Demand, their at-home Workout App
  • Building your audience whilst also nurturing your base
  • Strategic partnerships

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