Craig Black — Taking Risks and Blazing Your Own Trail

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Craig Black is a Scottish-born Independent Graphic Designer, Lettering Artist & Typographer.

Having spent the first few years of his career in leading design agencies in London, Craig now runs his own design studio in his hometown of Gourock, near Glasgow in Scotland.

His work has been celebrated and published internationally by leading design magazines and exhibited at conferences across the globe. In this episode Craig talks about creative collaborations, starting your own studio, goal setting, using personal design projects as a marketing tool, landing dream projects, and speaking at major design conferences from Brisbane to Barcelona.

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Craig’s profile: 

Craig Black is known for his bespoke and innovative typographic illustrations, visual identities, packaging, murals, installations and everything in between. His strengths lie in his ability to cross disciplines without the restriction of a fixed personal style. This versatility has offered him the opportunity to work on a varied mix of collaborations with local and international clients of all business backgrounds.

Typography and lettering are just the starting point of Craig’s work. He can handle any type of brief and works just as well on projects with specific constraints or complete creative freedom. He believes in creating engaging, modern and precise visuals whilst maintaining originality in all of his work.

His work has been celebrated and published internationally by Computer Arts, Creative Review and IdN Magazine — in addition to regular features by online media. His work has also been exhibited across the globe from London and Barcelona to Australia and Dubai. He is also known across the public speaking circuit for sharing his inspiring story at conferences and creative events around the world.

He is also the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Creative Inverclyde — a social enterprise aimed at utilising the creative sector to be the nucleus for positive social change across Inverclyde and Scotland.


Episode Contents:

  • Craig’s favourite brand
  • His creative childhood
  • What he loves about his work
  • Creative collaborations, how to get them right, and why relationships are so important
  • Being a ‘One-man-band’ — playing all roles in the studio 
  • What drives him each day
  • His time in London, practising his craft
  • Starting a studio after 2.5 years experience
  • The importance of goal setting
  • Using personal projects as a marketing tool 
  • Getting your work published by leading publications
  • Landing his dream project
  • Speaking and working at ‘Off Festival’ in Barcelona.

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