Building Extraordinary Brands with Dan Rowell.

Hosted by former show guest Zoe Green, this episode has Dan Rowell discuss his focus on Building Extraordinary Brands. 

As well as being the regular host of this podcast, Dan is a Brand Strategist and the Founder of DSR Branding. He’s also the Co-Founder of Brill Coffee, a premium freeze-dried specialty coffee business.

Episode Contents:

  • Dan’s favourite brands 
  • Influential people 
  • Lessons learned from guests on the podcast
  • DSR Branding’s approach to branding
  • Brill Coffee
  • Common myths about branding
  • Favourite books
  • How Dan disconnects from work

Listen to episode 17 with Zoe Green. 

Dan’s Bio

Dan Rowell is a Brand Strategist and the Founder of DSR Branding, an award-winning branding and design firm, specialising in rebrands for B2B companies. 

Dan started DSR Branding in 2015 so that he could focus on his true passion; working closely with company founders to focus and articulate their business vision and build remarkable brands.

With over a decade of experience in the advertising and marketing industry, Dan has worked across household brands including national retailers, Australia’s biggest universities, fashion labels, and beloved sporting teams.

Guest Host: Zoe Green, Creative Director & Co-Founder of Co-Partnership

Since 1998, Zoe has worked on some of the world’s most iconic brands with some of the industry’s most inspiring creatives, including Harry Pearce of Pentagram, Mary Lewis of Lewis Moberly, and Max Harkness with whom she founded Co-Partnership with in 2011.