Advanced Truss Systems


Advanced Truss Systems (ATS) is a timber truss manufacturer who make roof trusses, floor systems and wall frames.

Founded in 1988, they have grown entirely through word of mouth referrals. Until recently, they had invested nothing into branding or marketing, nor did they have any online presence. Their brand identity and uniforms were an assortment of outdated, amalgamated assets.

Timber trusses have become so commoditised ihat they were losing existing clients to comparable businesses with more competitive pricing, as well as losing prospective clients to competitors whose online presence and sales material lent confidence to their legitimacy.

The moment of realisation that something needed to change for Advanced Truss Systems’ (ATS) Managing Director, Mark Osmand was a lack of image presence in the market. “Our product would arrive on site, and builders would have no idea they were our trusses, as there was no branding. Our products have become so commoditised, people think a truss is a truss is a truss, however it’s important to explain to the market our clear difference and value proposition.”


To refresh a brand that had never been defined, designed or articulated.

To maintain and protect the existing positive sentiment, and respectfully acknowledge their 30 year legacy while amplifying their quality and service.


We felt it important to celebrate what it meant to be successful for 30+ years. With staff members who had been with the business for 10-15 years, and multi-generational employees. We wanted to celebrate the people behind the business.

We also wanted to celebrate and feature their product; timber trusses, while more traditional, are being replaced by steel.

ATS explained to us that they felt as though the work of creating timber frames and trusses was not the most interesting, and that while many of their staff remain long-term, irregulars would often pass through the business, sometimes not even showing up for work.

That isn’t something easily fixed by the design of a new logo. We felt it critical to reframe the value of the work, elevating it in the minds of the workers; instead of building house frames, they now build the bones of Aussie homes. Since 1988 ATS have been supporting builders and the ‘Great Australian Dream’ — to own one’s own home.

The brand consists of various elements that elevate aspects of their manufacturing process. Frames and trusses are seldom seen once a house is complete, and yet homes could never stand or endure without their support.

The brand mark shows the framework of a house, with the wall frame and roof trusses clearly visible. Hidden in the mark is also part of a floor system. The bold and sturdy typeface stands out, able to be clearly read from far away when spray painted onto Timber trusses.



“DSR Branding brought ATS to life!”


“DSR Branding have brought Advanced Truss Systems to life! In the 30 years I’ve run Advanced Truss Systems, I’ve never worn a company branded shirt. I now wear a uniform, have three branded utes and we are now spray painting our logo onto our products.”

Mark Osmand, Managing Director - Advanced Truss Systems.
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