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Branding more than a traditional builder.

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The evolution of an Australian retail icon.

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An brand that does good and seeks truth with no bullsh*t.

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Marin Wealth

Highlighting the value of partnership in financial freedom.

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nodo® Donuts

Capturing the essence of a beloved cafe through its coffee.

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Blending bravery and curiosity to solve the most salient social issues.

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What is Brand Strategy?

A brand strategy transforms businesses from underdogs to market leaders by weaving together their identity, values, and promises into a focused roadmap for success. This strategy sharpens marketing efforts, ensuring they're aligned with the brand's unique market position and value. The Underdog to Topdog methodology is about building on a brand's foundation, elevating its unique narrative and market stance through strategic branding to stand out against competitors and deeply connect with the audience. It's a straightforward approach that prioritises clear, actionable steps leading to impactful results and the attainment of a business’ long term goals.

Organisational Culture

The backbone of any brand, shaping its internal ethos and the external perception. A culture aligned with brand values fosters authenticity and drives engagement. Getting it right ensures a cohesive and authentic brand experience.

Vision and Mission

The guiding stars of a brand, articulating its aspirations and purpose. They inspire action and drive towards a common goal. They are important for clarifying exactly where a business wants to take its customers and gives a design direction that communicates the feeling of reaching that destination.

Brand Benefits

The key advantages a brand offers, distinguishing it in the marketplace. They are crucial for attracting and retaining customers by fulfilling their needs and desires, impacting design by ensuring that visual and verbal messaging evokes the appropriate feeling in the target audience.

Value Proposition

The unique promise a brand makes to its customers, highlighting how it solves problems or enhances lives in a way no one else can. It’s the core reason a customer should choose your brand.

Brand Positioning

How a brand is perceived in the context of the market and against competitors. It’s about carving out a unique space in the minds of the target audience. Design plays a key role in visualising this position through branding elements that resonate with the audience.

Brand Personality

The character of your brand as perceived by the audience. It humanises your brand, making it relatable and memorable. The importance lies in consistency; the brand’s personality should reflect in every aspect of design, from colour schemes to typography, ensuring a uniform brand identity.


DSR Branding demonstrated a deep understanding of our brief and delivered an exceptional brand identity that exceeded our expectations.

Nick Williams

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Vitrinite
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Working with DSR Branding has been an incredible journey from the very beginning. In just six months, they took our concept and launched our brand to a group of South African cactus farmers, delivering exceptional results.

Tony Dean

Director, Barren Energy
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That branding has really coalesced as a unifying force in the business… The power of brand is something I’ve underestimated, until now.

Francis Barram

Director, Ensight
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“There’s so much more at play than a surface level design studio…”

Ray Duncan

General Manager, NetEngine
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