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Branding more than a traditional builder.

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The evolution of an Australian retail icon.

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An brand that does good and seeks truth with no bullsh*t.

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Marin Wealth

Highlighting the value of partnership in financial freedom.

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nodo® Donuts

Capturing the essence of a beloved cafe through its coffee.

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Blending bravery and curiosity to solve the most salient social issues.

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What is Brand Naming?

Brand naming is the art of giving your business a name that sticks—a name that rolls off the tongue and lingers in the mind. A compelling name sets the tone for your brand story, capturing the essence of what you stand for and appealing directly to your target audience. At DSR Branding, we believe a well-chosen name is distinctive, memorable, easy to pronounce, authentic, relevant, scalable and ownable.


A distinctive brand name is your first step toward standing out in a saturated market. It captures the essence of your brand in a way that’s immediately recognisable. This uniqueness aids in creating a strong brand identity and facilitates easier brand recall, enhancing your brand’s visibility and searchability online.


Aim for a brand name that’s easy to remember. Unique, catchy names are more likely to stick in your customers’ minds, helping your brand stay top-of-mind when it matters most.


Keep It Simple Stupid. A straightforward, easy-to-spell name reduces the risk of mispronunciation and makes it easier for customers to find you online and when spreading the word.


An authentic name reflects your brand’s true story, values, and mission, creating a genuine connection with your audience. An authentic name reflects your brand’s true story, values, and mission, creating a genuine connection with your audience.


Ensure your brand name is relevant to your business. It should reflect your industry, offerings, and brand values, making it easier for customers to understand what you stand for at a glance.


Choose a name that can grow with your business. It should be versatile enough to encompass future expansions or changes in your offerings without becoming limiting or dated.


Securing a brand name that’s truly ownable is crucial in today’s crowded marketplace. Ownability means your brand name is unique enough to register a business name, obtain a clear domain name and potentially trademark. A name that you can own outright not only establishes your brand’s legal and digital presence but also reinforces its uniqueness and exclusivity.


DSR Branding demonstrated a deep understanding of our brief and delivered an exceptional brand identity that exceeded our expectations.

Nick Williams

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Vitrinite
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Working with DSR Branding has been an incredible journey from the very beginning. In just six months, they took our concept and launched our brand to a group of South African cactus farmers, delivering exceptional results.

Tony Dean

Director, Barren Energy
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That branding has really coalesced as a unifying force in the business… The power of brand is something I’ve underestimated, until now.

Francis Barram

Director, Ensight
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“There’s so much more at play than a surface level design studio…”

Ray Duncan

General Manager, NetEngine
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