Let your customers tell your story.

This tactic, when executed well, guarantees more business.

If you’re looking to attract more ideal customers, there’s one tactic I highly recommend — customer testimonial videos.

These are short videos of your ideal customers talking about how your business makes their lives better, saves or makes them money, or makes them look good.

As a point of example, here’s one we created for Movement Enhanced, a strength and conditioning studio based in Albion, Brisbane. We worked with them back in 2017 to refresh their brand identity and often work together on client/member activation activities.


Their founder and head trainer, Ben Thompson, recently engaged us to capture why his members love training there. It was an exceptionally valuable exercise.

Here’s why I think video testimonials work so well:

To quote renowned marketing expert, Seth Goden,

“People like us, do things like this”

Profiling your ideal customer speaks to other people like that. Others feel comfortable and confident with what you offer if they see like-minded people enjoying it.

Secondly, it’s authentic. They’re real people, not salespeople or paid actors. It’s not scripted (and shouldn’t be!). The authenticity validates and legitimises your product or service.


Here’s how we did it

1. Before the shoot:

Firstly, it’s about making sure you capture clients you want more of, so spend time defining and creating your ideal customer personas to showcase the right existing clients.

Ben gave me a list of his ideal members, and I called each to forecast questions for the shoot and get a sense of how they would respond. This is important, because I’ve arrived on set before hoping the client would say something brilliant, only to have a total brain fog descend on them because of the camera and bright lights. Having prompts from a previous phone conversation helps to both relax them and extract the gems you seek. It’s also much better to have them talk in their own words rather than feeding them a script that sounds stolen from your sales flyers.

We gained a ton of new value from these calls that we would never have come up with ourselves. Jake (from the video above) talked about how the gym was the closest thing to achieving the community, accountability and motivation of a team sport, but without the time and logistical commitments. It’s a really powerful insight, honestly delivered, and highlights the value in the exercise.

2. The shoot:

We went out to Movement Enhanced on a Saturday morning to film in the actual gym with members training in the background. Shooting on location verifies the authenticity of the video.

We filmed them in an interview style video, where I sat next to the camera and took them through the same questions as the phone interview.

Our videographer then captured footage of the same member in an actual class scenario.

3. The post-production:

Our brief to the editor was, most importantly, to make the videos short. By making them less than a minute, it’s easier to distribute them through Instagram and Facebook advertising.

We paired the footage with an upbeat ‘on-brand’ music track we sourced through a library music site (a really affordable way to have high-quality music).

The editor did a great job making the cuts fast paced and engaging, reflective of the excitement and energetic feel of the gym.


A guide to profiling your ideal customers

Start by defining your ideal customer personas. You probably want two to three maximum. Write a detailed description of them. Give each of them a name.

They should be based on real customers you and your team know, and would like to clone.

Outside of contextual questions like where they live and what they do for a living, the key is to crystallise exactly how you make their life better. Typically, it’s by doing one or a combination of the following things:

  • Make them money
  • Save them money
  • Save them time
  • Make them look good.

There’s a ton of information available online about creating personas, but if you need help navigating that labyrinth we’re happy to run a workshop for you.

Now you’ve got your ideal customer profiles, you need a great written testimonial before you plan the shoot.


These 8 questions will help you craft a great customer testimonial:

  1. How long have you been a [your company] customer?
  2. What or who did you use prior?
  3. What were the main reasons you decided to become a customer?
  4. What specifically do you like most about working with [your company]?
  5. What are two other benefits you have received from working with [your company]?
  6. How does this business differ to other businesses that you’ve bought from?
  7. How has it improved your life?
  8. Would you recommend [your company] to others, if so, who would you recommend it to and why?

So! You’re welcome to chat to us about how we can craft this for you, or you’re free to use our recommendations to do so yourself, and hopefully build some really engaging client testimonial videos.


Further information:

If you’d like to learn more about coming up with customer personas or building customer advocates, I’d recommend one of my recent podcast interviews with Creative Brief Expert, Tim Hughes.