Communication in crisis time.

How using humour can be a great Marketing Strategy.

I don’t know how you feel about KFC but I absolutely FCK-ing love their UK & Ireland creative team. Rather than do a generic “We’re here for you” message, like every other big brand at the moment, their twitter page has started rating/roasting fans’ homemade fried chicken. (Source article)

Credit to marketing guru, Mark Ritson for sharing this on his LinkedIn.

This isn’t the first time KFC has used humour in the face of challenging situations. A few years ago their UK stores ran out of chicken. I know… devastating!

Well here’s the ad that ran in the papers as their official apology.



What can we learn from our fried chicken friends?

Humour is massively under-utilised in marketing. Humour is massively under utilised in marketing. Our client, copywriter and friend Ash Dighton of Babel Creative talks at length about this in a recent interview.

Especially at a time where every other brand is trying to be your best friend. Plus, taking the piss out of crappy home cooking is always funny!

Here’s a great example of the generic advertising many other big brands are doing in the wake of coronavirus.

Credit: Mark Ritson, LinkedIn.