A multi-million dollar home with a broken front door – how much business are you missing out on?

How a brand revitalisation helped win bigger clients, re-engage a workforce and change the course of a business.

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Imagine going to a party at a house you’ve never been to; you walk up to see a magnificent mansion with a front door hanging off its hinges. Broken window panes, cracks down the middle, obvious disrepair. Would you feel comfortable walking in?

The people inside the mansion probably wouldn’t be too concerned. Inside, the house is beautiful, spacious, an incredible place to live. The door doesn’t really affect them.

But for new visitors, they walk up and are immediately concerned and uneasy. There’s a disconnect between the identity of the house and the manner in which the front door represents it.

Three years ago, Scott Davidson, Managing Director of refrigerated transport business Queensland Meat Carriers (QMC) asked us to rebuild his front door.

Business was going well, they’d built a solid client base on exceptional service and constant reliability. Get Scott in the room with potential clients – deal done. He’d hand out his business card with his mobile on the back, tell them if they had an issue to call him direct and he’d sort it out. This sounds simple, but against their competitors who hid key decision makers behind dedicated account managers and had 1300 numbers, it was radically refreshing.

The challenge was, getting these meetings was much more difficult. How many potential clients turned down the meeting after searching for their non-existent website, or didn’t go ahead because the competitors had shiny powerpoint presentations and well-crafted sales collateral that were passed onto the higher-ups.

We often see businesses like QMC. Incredible businesses with strong customer base and loyal employees, but a significant handicap in how much they miss out on because their first impression is so different, so underwhelming from what the market expects.

These are our favourite projects to work on. The diamonds in the rough. Businesses with true value propositions that are just waiting to be properly defined and articulated. With the right branding these businesses are unstoppable.

Like all of our branding projects it started by immersing ourselves within their business. Meeting their staff, interviewing their customers. Trying to distill what made QMC unique.

The one thing that stood out was the quality of the service they provided their customers and the confidence they instilled. “When I book my transport with QMC, I can sleep at night knowing my product will get there.”

This is something that translated perfectly into the new tagline we developed: Delivering Confidence.



Another key opportunity was a slight variation to their name. Originally Queensland Meat Carriers, but broadly known in the market as “QMC”. Now with depots across the country and a head office in Melbourne, it made sense to change to QMC Logistics.

For the identity it was about presenting a strong, trustworthy image whilst also refreshing the look and feel.

Our snowflake/compass device, a nod to their service offering – refrigerated transport, and their willingness to go anywhere across the country to serve their customers.



The brand was extremely well received with staff proudly embracing the new identity, wearing it on their chests through the rollout of new staff uniform and merchandise. This is another key component of any branding project – building a loyal army of brand ambassadors who help bring the new brand to life.

The QMC Logistics rebrand is a project I regularly look back on and hold in particularly high regard. It’s something that wouldn’t have happened had the business not already been in position of strength. They already had a great business – the markers of success were there, bar a crucial one. Our job was to ‘rebuild the door’ and make sure people wanted to visit them.

View the QMC rebrand here.


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