We love working with passionate people to build extraordinary brands.

Is your business image holding you back?

You don’t get a second shot
at a great first impression.

Those who don’t create a first impression reflective of their quality are often overlooked, losing opportunities to prove their worth.

DSR Branding is an award-winning design studio, specialising in brand strategy and identity for professional services, software companies, and heavy industry.

We help businesses realise their potential through unique and compelling design and communications.

What our clients say:

“I love the new logo, I love the tagline - Built for work, it’s exactly what I’ve wanted since starting the business.”

Guy Vedelago — Director, CUBO Constructions

“There’s so much more at play than a surface level design studio – we have a brand identity that is closely tailored for exactly who we are and what we want to do.”

Ray Duncan — General Manager - NetEngine

“DSR don’t just design, they create, and that difference is the separation between them and good but ultimately inferior competitors.”

Ash Dighton, Director - Babel Creative

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When should a business owner know it’s time for a brand refresh?

Common signs that something needs to change.

I recently sat down with three business owners who have all undergone a brand refresh or rebrand project with us and asked them what telling signs indicated change was necessary.

Have you ever had a pair of shoes that you loved and wore …

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28 October 2019