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About Us

We are passionate about collaborating with purpose driven businesses to create and build sustainable and iconic brands. Our goal is to be more than just a supplier, we seek to deliver great value and become your trusted brand and marketing advisers.

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Unlike a typical full-service agency, you’ll only pay for the services your business needs. Upon appointment, we'll assemble a purpose-built team who share the same goal: producing high quality, engaging creative that motivates your customers to take action.

Your brand is not simply your product, your logo, your website, or your name. In fact, your brand is much more than that; it's the full complement of intangibles that resonates with your audience and reduces the distance between you and your customers.

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We work with businesses to develop long-term strategies to help them communicate more effectively and efficiently with their audience.

Our Team

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Dan Rowell

I created DSR Branding so I could do what I love doing everyday; develop branding and marketing strategies to help business owners achieve their vision.I get excited about collaborating with some of the most talented designers, creatives, developers and marketers, to build and develop unique, sustainable, and purpose-driven brands.

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Reuben Mergard

Reuben is an award winning multidisciplinary designer. He has passion for design and the making process. This makes for an innovative approach to developing extraordinary brands.With a focus on creating, Reuben has a keen eye for detail and enjoys exploring alternative ways to solve problems. His background in print production provides us with great experience in managing the creative process, from concept right through to execution.

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Jahl Herapath

Jahl is an inquisitive and determined digital creative with a passion for helping people communicate better through seamless design.Being a full-stack developer, Jahl is skilled in both back-end and front-end technologies. This is a huge benefit as he can pair the magic of great design with the logic of intelligent systems architecture. This allows for better websites and a more positive and intuitive user experience.

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Chris Rowell

Chris is a driven and insightful Business Strategist with acute understanding of how businesses can gain a competitive advantage through an effective digital strategy.Chris holds a Masters in International Business and is a PHD Candidate focusing upon Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship. With a passion for exploring how start-ups and larger firms can identify market opportunities, execute effective strategies and create compelling organisational identities, we’re extremely lucky to have someone with Chris’ experience and talent apply international concepts to local markets.


Our Services

As our name suggests, branding remains at the core of everything we do. Most of our projects begin with working closely with our clients on clearly articulately their business vision and developing a brand that best represents that. We then work on bringing that brand to life in both internal and external communications across a range of print and digital touchpoints.

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Good design flies under the radar while bad design is frustratingly apparent. Outdated branding, inconsistent communication methods and difficult to navigate web pages leads to dissatisfied customers, negative brand perception and possibly a drop in sales. Design is the tangible product you first present to customers, make it count. Good design creates an emotional connection and can fosters brand loyalty. Good design sells your idea for you. We develop great design, tailored for your business.

Brand Strategy

A well-defined and executed brand strategy is the plan that can keep your competitors outmanoeuvred and your staff excited and engaged, allowing your business to be a leader in your industry. We specialise in developing empowering brand strategies that set out the promises your business is willing to make, and setting the standards of how you plan on delivering on that promise.


Does your business show up on Google? Is your website optimised for mobile? Do you have a site that encourages your customers to take action? These are some of the first questions we will ask as well as developing a digital marketing strategy that aligns with your overall business strategy and delivers on business objectives.

Marketing Strategy

Behind every successful brand is a strategy that captures the promise of the business and delivers value. After defining your brand strategy, we are able to develop a marketing strategy that identifies the most effective way to reach your desired target audience. Our strategies go beyond reach and focus on compelling methods to develop customer relationships and foster positive experiences.

Brand Identity & Development

Your brand’s identity is the visual statement that your business makes. It’s what differentiates you and what drives you. A strong, well thought out identity can leave a positive, long-lasting impression. We work with clients to ensure that their brand identity aligns with and complements their business and brand strategy. Our goal is to create an iconic, and unique brand identity that embodies a brand’s vision and communicates their message.

Employer Branding

Your employees should be some of your most influential and passionate brand ambassadors. Getting customers to love your business starts begins with getting your employees to. We develop internal communications strategies to help attract and retain the right employees for your business.


  • Paul Cale
    Kinetic Fighting

    "DSR have been an excellent choice for our company. Their team is creative and professional, they brought ideas to the table that we had never considered and our business is stronger as a result." Read More
  • Scott Davidson
    QMC Logistics

    "Dan Rowell has so easily captured the unique attributes of our business, and has developed not only a strong and impressive customer facing product, but has also provided us with a suite of goods which support our day to day activities." Read More
  • Simon Crowe
    Custom Offroad Accessories

    "DSR Branding has taken our company from looking like an amateur business to a professional looking outfit. Dan has a unique enthusiasm that gets him personally involved with your business and familiar with your staff." Read More
  • Michael Basile
    Phillips Basile Equipment Finance

    "Dan has a personal approach to business and a long term view with his clients. I see DSR Branding as an integral long term partner for my business. I have and will continue to refer my clients to them with confidence." Read More
  • Nicholas Williams

    "Dan adds value with his ability to logically think through what is required to turn a concept into an identity. DSR Branding has provided a solid foundation for the continued growth and success of my company." Read More
  • Dr Cam McDonald
    Your Geneius

    “Getting expert help and advice is mandatory to create a foundation you can build on. Dan and the DSR Branding team are the experts you want working for you on your creation! I have referred a number of colleagues already.” Read More
  • Megan Fry
    M Fry Pyschologist

    “Dan’s commitment to helping me set up my business and roll out all of the branding, took the stress out of it and allowed me to focus on business. So, you will get more than just a logo and website from Dan and as a small business owner, I highly recommend DSR branding to everyone (big or small).” Read More